Anya Stanley is a lifelong horror fan and a freelance writer. She specializes in horror film analysis from literary and feminist perspectives.  Her work has been seen in Birth.Movies.Death, Dread Central, Blumhouse, Vague Visages, Diabolique Magazine, and F This Movie!. Her feminist analysis of American Mary has earned praise from the film's creators, the Soska Twins.

In April 2017, Daily Grindhouse launched Anya's weekly Video Nasties column, in which she tackles the 72 films banned in the UK during the 1980's.  She also has a crosstalk column with Mike Thorn at Vague Visages, where they hold in-depth discussions on horror franchises.

In addition to her writing, Anya has made guest appearances on multiple podcasts to include After Midnight, and SPLATHOUSE. She has served as a judge and editor in the Horror Writers Flash Fiction 2016 Contest, and served as a voting jury member for Horror Movie Podcast's 2016 Horror Cinema Awards.

Follow her staunch defenses of Halloween 6 and other shenanigans on Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram.


Anya joined the Horror Writers family in August of 2016. In that time, she has contributed some of our best-received articles. Through her own initiative she has also grown our brand through her active social media presence. Her geniunely positive and easy-going nature make her an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Shawn Lachance, Creator,
In a very short amount of time, Anya has established herself as a thoroughly unique and thoughtful writer whose work stands out even in a field of standouts. She’s a pleasure to work with, always receptive to collaboration, and impressively, enviably quick to adapt and evolve. I always look forward to reading her writing — as someone who reads literally every waking moment of the day, I couldn’t offer any higher compliment than that.
— Jon Abrams, Editor-In-Chief, Daily Grindhouse