I’m a lifelong horror fan, and a writer. I specialize in horror film analysis from feminist perspectives. My work has been seen at Birth.Movies.Death, Collider, Dread Central, the now-defunct Blumhouse website, Vague Visages, Diabolique Magazine, and F This Movie!. 

In 2018, I contributed to the launch issue of the recently revived Fangoria Magazine, with an exploration of the discarded lore of the latter Halloween film sequels. As any horror fan can attest, that byline was a dream come true. I’ve also contributed to other print publications in 2018, including Grim Magazine, the launch issue of Britain’s Suspiria Magazine, and Birth Movies Death’s Jurassic World Commemorative Issue.

I currently run a monthly column at Dread Central that looks at horror films from a gendered viewpoint. Gender Bashing occasionally causes controversy in the comments section, but the column enjoys a robust readership of appreciative film lovers who like a new read on their favorite films.

In addition to my written work, I’ve made guest appearances on multiple podcasts to include After Midnight, Screamcast, and SPLATHOUSE. I’ve also served on two film festival juries, at Fantastic Fest and Grimmfest.

Follow my staunch defenses of Halloween 6 and other shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram.

Jury member

Fantastic Fest 2018 (Horror Jury)

Grimmfest 2018 (Shorts and Features)

2016 Horror Movie Cinema Awards (Horror Movie Podcast)

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